things to do this summer

1. have at least one bonfire at the river, that includes marshmallows
2. save up and buy some decent plimsoles or something
3. get layers in hair!
4. do some painting
5. succeed in not getting sun burnt, not even once.
6. actually reply to safira's letter
7. buy some decent hair products
8. wear my hair down! no more buns.
9. midnight swimming
10. roadtrip.
11. beach! at least once
12. actually read something
13. not accumulate fines on library card
14. throw a party or something/sleeepover in house truck
15. clean out house truck.
16. live music
17. buy/obtain at least half of the albums on wishlist
18. go stationary shopping with lize when she gets back
19. helix piercing
20. not be lazy, exercise
21. make sure all my friends know how awesome i think they are
22. take as many photos as possible

1 comment:

  1. 23. Hang out with favorite sister, even just once, especially as this blog is still on her top 5 list (and she checks in on it regularily, just in case the giflfriend is finally out of that coma!)...
    Yup, thats DEFINATELY a priority. Oh, and make her that mix tape. Maybe I'll do that for her 30th. She's so cool! Man, I love my sis!
    ;-). Xx*